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See Events page for details

Welcome to the U.S. website of the World Community for Christian Meditation!   Here you will find local meditation groups you can join, basic information on meditation in the Christian tradition as we practice it, much inspirational information, news of events and retreats, our newsletter, and links to our worldwide community.

The World Community for Christian Meditation, which is inclusive of all denominations,  shares a commitment to the discipline of meditation, inspired by the early Christian Desert Fathers and Mothers, and John Cassian in particular,  which was taught and articulated by Fr. John Main, OSB (1926-1982).  It transforms our lives in its twice daily practice and creates a community that constitutes a monastery without walls.

Our commitment is to share the teaching and practice of Christian meditation throughout the world, leading to an ever-deepening union with the living Christ present within us all. We are then propelled outward into practical care for all members of the human family and experience from within an increasing respect for the interdependence of all creation.  The worldwide activities and programs of WCCM, now led by Fr. John’s successor, Fr. Laurence Freeman, OSB can be viewed at www.wccm.org.

We believe that understanding the gift of meditation is truly gained in the experience and practice of meditation, more than in the reading or study about it, so we welcome you to visit a group near to you or find an introductory event to attend.  Meditation creates community.  If you live too far for personal contact, please delve deeply into the information on this site, as well as our International site.  But we have begun the practice of “virtual groups” to specifically address this need, so check out that page and contact us for more information.


The all important aim in Christian Meditation is to allow God’s mysterious and silent presence within us to become more and more not only a reality, but the reality which gives meaning, shape and purpose to everything we do, to everything we are….”
John Main, OSB

U.S.  News

mosque inside panels 2 web banner croppedJohn Main Seminar –  Chicago July 21-27, 2014!
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The Meditatio Forums on Meditation with Children 

Cover photo from MNDr. Cathy Day and Mr. Ernie Christie of the Diocese of Townsend in Australia, traveled to Minnesota, San Francisco, Texas, Phoenix and Jacksonville to present their experience with teaching meditation to children.  Their diocese has incorporated meditation into all the schools of the Diocese and it’s resounding success inspires imitation!   This Meditatio Forum focused on one of the most important concerns of any generation: the well-being of the next generation…..See our Meditation with Children – US Updates page

Curious about our oblate program?  Want to know more about our Monastery without walls?  How does our Benedictine background inform our present multi-denominational sense of community?  See our Oblates page….

Been meditating for awhile in our tradition and want to gather with others in community to deepen your practice?  Read why one meditator loves our Essential Teaching Weekends.…..and then check the schedule on our Events page for upcoming dates.

In a 12 Step program and want to connect with others who are and who meditate?  See the resources on our Meditation and 11th Step Practice.  Read how Christian meditation as we practice it underpins our approach to the 11th Step in this article, published in the Meditatio series, Meditation and Mental Health

And those in prison sometimes find themselves challenged to new beginnings, by the gift that a meditation practice brings.  And click here to explore the Monastery without Walls, Behind Walls”

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