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Revised Roots Ad for WebsiteRoots of Christian Meditation Course:

The third and final year of Our Roots of Christian Mysticism series begins September 13, 2014 with the French Mystics of the 17th century including St. Frances de Sales/St. Jeanne de Chantal/Pierre Berulle/Francois Fenelon and Mme Buyon presented by Fr. Charles Talar of the University of St. Thomas.

You need not have participated in the earlier classes to enjoy/benefit from the remainder of the series. Anyone of any spiritual tradition (or none) who wishes to explore Christian Mysticism in depth is welcome to take this course.
You may pay by class $25 per class.

To Register click here:  Registration
By phone: Sharon 520-829-3197
For more information: Martha Keesecker marthakeesecker@comcast.net