School of Meditation

The aim of the WCCM School of Meditation is to advance the Community’s Mission:
“To communicate and nurture meditation as passed on through the teaching of John Main in the Christian Tradition, in the spirit of serving the unity of all.”

In the United States, the School of Meditation seeks to support and nurture meditators in a way that strengthens and deepens their daily practice, expands their spiritual friendship within the wider community which arises from sharing the contemplative path, and seeks to increase knowledge of and appreciation for the wonderful ancient Christian tradition in which meditation is grounded.

The resources of the School of Meditation are freely available to all through our International School website. All who practice the discipline of Christian meditation in our tradition are invited to participate in the programs of the School, and certainly those who lead groups or who feel called to do so should try to optimize such experiences.
Group leaders will find ready made introductory materials, syllabi, and recommendations for readings, organized by six stages:

    • Stage One – Learning to Meditate in a Group
    • Stage Two – Supporting the Daily Practice
    • Stage Three – Personal Experience and the Tradition – The Essential Teaching Weekend.  A US coordinator’s dynamic description of his experience: “Teaching the ETW”
    • Stage Four –  Seminars, Retreats, Workshops (example: “Roots of Christian Mysticism”)
    • Stage Five – The School Retreat – a week long intensive for experienced meditators
    • Stage Six – Sharing the Gift

Each step in the School Program is designed to provide an opportunity to share experiences with other meditators, reflect on insights gained and learn how other meditators meet the challenges of the daily discipline of meditation. At all times we seek to lead meditators into a deeper insight into what the experience means to them personally.

To find out more about School events in the US, first visit the Upcoming Events page on this website.   For further questions please contact the Regional Coordinator nearest you for information on local area School events, such as retreats and silent days, and Introductory presentations on our Christian meditation tradition.