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Revised Roots Ad for WebsiteRoots of Christian Meditation Course:

The last four months of this outstanding three year course of Our Roots of Christian Mysticism series begins January 10, 2015 addressing topics of Simone Weil, Thomas Merton, Jacques Maritain, John Main and Bede Griffiths.

You need not have participated in the earlier classes to enjoy/benefit from the remainder of the series. Tuition is $25 per session. Please register even if you are attending only one event. Tuition can be paid online, as a send in check or at the door.
To send in a check, please download the registration form and send the completed form to: (checks made payable to WCCM-USA)
WCCM-USA Administration
7017 E Calle Canis
Tucson, AZ 85710

To Register online click here:  Registration
By phone: Sharon 520-829-3197
For more information: Martha Keesecker marthakeesecker@comcast.net