Online Meditation


The World Community for Christian Meditation (WCCM) has been a pioneer in online meditation. This page is your starting point for all of the resources you need to start meditating with others online. Click on one of the links below to go to the section you want to learn about.

What is online meditation?

Meditation is the practice of gently and repeatedly letting go of your thoughts, and thus letting go of desires or self analysis, and learning to just be.  It's simple but not easy.  Many forms of meditation thus encourage group practice; in the WCCM it is seen as a means of encouragement and support for your fundamental individual practice, and a way offering the same to others.  Online group meditation simply means that the group you are meditating with is meeting online, rather than physically.

Christian Meditation is meditation with the understanding that a quiet mind is a mind that is more receptive to God. In the World Community for Christian Meditation (WCCM), we practice Christian meditation as taught by Fr. John Main. Please see the references throughout this website.

How does online meditation work?

Online meditation makes use of video conferencing tools to meet together. Some of the advantages of online meditation include these:

You can meditate with people from all over the world.

You can find a group that meets at a time convenient to you.

You don’t need to drive or find parking.

You can continue meeting with your group(s) even when traveling.


What do I need?

All you need to try online meditation is the following:

A computer, tablet, or smart phone with a camera and microphone (most systems today include these.)

A headset is helpful, but not absolutely necessary.

An internet connection. You can use a data plan but online meditation uses a lot of data. You are better off with an internet connection.

If you are using a tablet or a smart phone, you need to install the Zoom application. If you are using a computer, this will be installed automatically the first time you enter a group.

An interest in trying meditation.

How do I join an online group?
  •  Open the next tab down to see the listing of all USA groups and contacts.  Choose your preferred time and day and email the group leader, letting them know where you're located, whether you're a beginning or experienced meditator, and asking any questions you have in mind .  The group leader may wish to have a short one on one chat with you prior to your joining the group to orient you and to answer questions.
  • If you have a tablet or smartphone, you should download the free Zoom software (click on "What do I need to do"? above).
  • Using the link offered by the group leader, just join the group about 5 minutes before the scheduled start of the session.  The group leader you have corresponded with can assist with any technical questions you may have; most people find using Zoom very easy so there probably won't be any!
  • If none of the times we offer satisfy, you can also visit the International calendar listing of WCCM sponsored online groups on our main website here.  These include our groups as well as other English speaking ones.   Please note!  The calendar will read your actual location and present times as they would be in your time zone.  To verify that, look at the very bottom right hand corner of the calendar where it shows the time zone being presented to you.  Click on it to change that if necessary.
  • Note: There is no cost to joining any of our online meditation groups!
WCCM-USA Online Groups and Leader Contacts
  • Monday 6:30 am Eastern Time: contact Lucy Beck |

  • Tuesday 4:00 pm Central Time: contact Betty Divine|

  • Tuesday 7:30 pm Central Time:  contact  Mo Dunn |

  • Wednesday 8:15 pm Eastern Time: contact Therese Upperman  |

  • Thursday 6:15 pm Eastern Time: contact Dennis McAuliffe |

  • Thursday   7:30  pm  Eastern Time: contact Laura Waters |

  • Friday 9:00 pm Eastern Time:  contact Ann Thomas |

  • Sunday 4:00 pm Eastern Time: contact Linda Kaye | | Christian Meditation as an 11th Step Practice, but open to all

  • The US Benedictine Oblates of WCCM also gather online for meditation and reflection on the Rule of St. Benedict.  These groups are open to those with an established daily meditation practice, interested in exploring the Oblate path.  Please see our information page here.