Deepening Your Call

People are led to deepen their call in many different ways. Below are two possible directions.

Every one of us is called to be a full person, fully realized in the light of the power of the Spirit continuously springing up into life eternal in our heart, fully mature, fully human. When the Spirit is set free in us, free of the constricting bonds of ego and self fixation, it pervades every faculty and fibre of our being. Then we become the witnesses we are called to be. We can witness with our own quality of life and our own fearless power to love. We witness to the essential, Christian and truly human experience of the transcendent Spirit of Jesus living in the centre of our being, where he holds us and all things in being. In that experience we find our own inner coherence, our harmony with others and with the forces within us and outside us. ... There is only one Teacher, and that is the Lord Jesus, the Teacher within. But in our union with him we are summoned to mediate his teaching, which is only his love - to make his union with all people fully conscious, fully alive.
~ Fr. John Main, "Monastery Without Walls"