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Welcome to The John Main online Meditation Chapel. This Chapel is used by the on-line WCCM Meditation Groups. Shh! Please don’t disturb the meditators!

The first time you use Zoom, you will have a little setup. Most of this will be done with no effort on your part. Kevin Callahan has created a document which describes the process. You can download the PDF <here>. If you have any problems, contact Roger or Kevin. Roger is roger.sessions at gmail dot com. Kevin is krcallahan at alumni dot nd dot edu.

[If you are unable to get to the chapel with your computer, you can dial into the chapel. To do this, dial Dial: +1 646 558 8656 (US Toll) or +1 408 638 0968 (US Toll). When asked for the meeting ID, give : 386 815 892 . To find international numbers, go <here>.] Please note: dial in has been disabled.

Note: We are asking everybody who uses the Chapel to register as a Chapel user using the link below the candle. What registration means is that we will ask you a few questions such as your email, hardware, and the groups you meditate with. This will allow us to contact you with on-line related information. We will not share this information with anybody except your group leader. You only need to register once, not each time you use the Chapel.

Thanks! Pax Christi!

The photo of the candle is by Alesa Dan, made available through Creative Commons.