Newsletter of The World Community for Christian Meditation
and USA Update

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As our name implies, the Newsletter gathers news about the world of Christian Meditation, a unique mission. It allows us to share the journey of Christian meditation with others all over the world who are pursuing this practice. It is written, edited and published by WCCM volunteers worldwide. The newsletter contains two sections, the International edition and the USA Update, which inspire us and knit us together in community.

In every issue, Fr. Laurence Freeman sends a letter of love and teaching that offers fresh insights and knowledge about meditation and its place in our lives. The newsletter also shares insightful articles, interviews, reflections, photographs and WCCM community announcements from all over the world. Articles about the journey of meditation, perhaps as a result of a silent retreat or a life event, provide us with a sense of connection. There are articles about our outreach efforts with children, within the world of business, in prisons, work being done with those with addictions, as well as on behalf of mental health. A new area of focus is the environment.

The newsletter is published four times a year. We encourage all members of our community to consider submitting articles, announcements and ideas! USA Update submissions go to Sharon Nicks,; and for the International section, to Leonardo Correa,