old~Christian Meditation with Children

Our Mission

Build nationwide supports for local meditators who share the gift with children and youth


  • All meditators and local groups working in Meditation with Children (MWC) outreach to their communities need to review in detail the Essential Issues shown below on this page and in each Learn More active link.
  • Please forward any questions to the Meditation with Children (MWC) email address shown above. We want to insure you understand fully and can move directly to implement.
  • These Essential Issues underlie all of our work in this country.

Essential Issues

We aim to be realistic and proactive about important issues of our time regarding children and youth:

  1. The World Community for Christian Meditation in the USA endorses and encourages several actions addressing the issue of child safety. 
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  2. The World Community for Christian Meditation in the USA expects its participants to demonstrate respect for duties and rights of parents and other conservators of minor children and youth with regard to written consent, privacy, and safety before making or using any images, recordings, or identifiers of those children and youth. 
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  3. The World Community for Christian Meditation in the USA intends to abide by the law of the land with regard to First Amendment rights of all persons to freedom from religion (separation of church and state) in certain public places including public schools.  
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You may contact us at mwc@wccm-usa.org.