In Memoriam: Jay Stewart 12/26/54 – 4/19/2021

A Letter from Fr. Laurence Freeman OSB:
It is with great sadness that I have to let you know that Jay passed away on Monday April 19, after suffering a heart attack. His wife Liz and two children are in deep grief and I have extended to them my sympathy and the prayers and condolences of the community in the US and worldwide. All of us in the WCCM, whether close colleagues in its operations or those who benefit from his work, have felt the grace of his dedication, intelligence and the generous sharing of his wisdom and skills. He was a greatly loved and valued member of the community for 25 years. When he began to scale down his successful legal career, he offered me to give more of his time to the community which he loved and which had come to greatly love and respect him. He was a caring, prudent and far-seeing National Coordinator in the US and later joined the Guiding Board and became Chair of the WCCM Trustees. Personally, I loved him as both a friend and strong and steady advisor in all situations. We thank God for his life and all its fruits and pray for his soul as it takes flight into the Risen Christ in whom he placed his faith. We especially hold Liz and his family in our hearts in their time of loss and grief.


The US community of WCCM meditators remains anguished at losing our loving and capable leader. We enfold Jay's family in our prayers. A full obituary is here. Those wishing to donate in memory of his life, please go to our Support Our Work page.