Resources for Group Leaders

Group Leaders, see this page created just for you and those who share meditation with others, organized according to the various needs which arise within groups!  It seeks to highlight a rotating list of materials we hope you find immediately helpful.

Meditatio WCCM Store

For recent video and audio recordings of retreats and seminars, please visit the Meditatio WCCM Store oon our International Website.  A catalog of WCCM resources is available here and many can be ordered from the WCCM Store.

School of Meditation Resources

The Resources page of our School of Meditation website, presents WCCM resources organized from the most foundational and basic, to those of most use to long time meditators.  It includes:

Six Week Introduction to Meditation, which includes guidelines for each session, audio clip of excerpt by either Fr. Laurence Freeman or Fr. John Main, and an exact pdf of that audio clip.

Essential Teaching Weekend syllabus and accompanying materials.

Contemplative Life Bookstore

The Contemplative Life Bookstore is a virtual bookstore, based in the U.S., whose mission is to present the best of contemplative teachings.  Contemplative Life Bookstore is the primary source for obtaining Fr. John's classic Silence and Stillness in Every Season. You will find all his teachings, including his classic Communitas series, and those of his successor Fr. Laurence Freeman, the present spiritual director of WCCM. You are able to browse contemplative authors and teachings from many other sources — classic editions and teachers from the past such as Bede Griffiths, The Cloud of Unknowing and Meister Eckhart as well as present-day teachers — Richard Rohr, OFM, and many others.  CD editions of The John Main Seminar are also available. The seminar, a yearly event held since 1991 at a world destination, organized and led by WCCM's Fr. Laurence Freeman, brings together world teachers such as HH Dalai Lama, Fr. Thomas Keating, Huston Smith, William Johnston, Fr. Richard Rohr, Dr. Bernard McGinn and Jean Vanier.