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100% Volunteer Run Organization

WCCM is a remarkable community. The cost of its many services is far outstripped by the bountiful benefits it makes possible, thanks to the Spirit and the hard work of our all volunteer organization. We keep expenses to a minimum, and do not maintain a brick and mortar presence. As meditators, we know the reality of the great gift we have been given and many group members seek to give back both as volunteers and by giving what they can toward furthering the Mission of our Community.

Details about donating: When you click on our Donate button, you may choose the option to pay either by your credit or debit card or by PayPal.
Our Donate form offers you the option to allocate your gift to
 WCCM-USA or to Bonnevaux. 

Please note: the only way a US citizen can receive a tax credit for a donation to WCCM International or to Bonnevaux is through the US website.

WCCM-USA, Ltd. is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization. All donations are tax deductible as allowed by law.

How Your Support Helps

WCCM-USA - The Work of Connecting and Nurturing our Community

Donations help basic expenses that support the community, as well as enabling us to offer workshops and retreats, including those Fr. Laurence gives. With the Pandemic we have expanded our online presence to support and connect groups and offer our teachings to newcomers, and increasingly, offering isolated meditators the opportunity to meditate in community. 

Tithing from our donations to support WCCM International

All national WCCM communities share a percentage of their income with WCCM International  to support its  work in building a global meditation community.  Fr. Laurence’s tireless travel to build and nurture meditation groups worldwide, development of resources such as books, videos and audio recordings, and now online resources, come back to benefit us as well.  Individuals may give separately to help develop our new Bonnevaux Centre for Peace in France.

Supporting Emerging Leadership in teaching meditation - Caribbean, Mexico and Haiti

Seemingly small amounts  have an outsize effect in nurturing emerging leadership; sometimes just travel expenses for the mentors are needed.  Meditation initiatives in the Caribbean have born tremendous fruit, and we supported Mexico when they hosted the very successful John Main Seminar in 2020.

Ways to Donate

Support for WCCM-USA can take many forms. We are grateful for your time, your expertise, your commitment and your monetary gifts. The following are ways you can donate:

Send to: WCCM-USA Ltd. Corp.
1112 Third Street, Suite #9
Neptune Beach, FL 32266-5066


Donations in Memory or in Honor of an individual: 
Please send an email, separately from the method of your donation, but referencing it, to Sharon Nicks.  Thank you so much!

WCCM-USA, Ltd. is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization. 

All donations are tax deductible as allowed by law.

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